The Bean Purist



Here are the things you need to know about beans, besides that ditty we chanted on the playground:

  • They are economical
  • They are a great source of protein
  • They are high in fiber
  • They come in a wide variety
  • They are yummy

Now with that out of the way……

Do you know the name Stephanie O’Dea?  She is sort of my blogger hero. A slow cooker guru, back in 2008 Ms. O’Dea cooked a new recipe in her crock pot every day. She wrote little quippy write ups and was not afraid to share her few “flops” as she chose to call them.  Her blog is A Year of Slow Cooking.  I always just search “crock pot 365.”

Ms. O’Dea revolutionized the way I cook. Especially when it comes to bean soup and preparing dry beans.  I now refer to myself as a bean purist, my words, not hers. She does have a nice tutorial on her site about preparing dry beans, which helped me along.  I will be sharing some of her recipes, with her permission.

More important bean stuff:

Some beans need to be soaked.  Some do not.  I will specify in the recipes I share.

A one pound bag of beans can range from 9 – 13 servings.  Since I am cooking for only two, after my beans are done, I immediately divide them up into two containers, so a 12 serving bag of beans is instantly morphed into two six serving meals.  This method aids in portion control.  I eat them from a small bowl, while Mr. Catfish dishes up a larger portion.

Peace, love, beans and yoga!  Read up. Experiment.  Try something new.  Thanks Stephanie O. and Stephanie W.

Oh and I have learned I really need to develop some skills in the food photography department.


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