Kidney Bean Salad:Confessions of a Teenage Salad Girl



Kidney Bean Salad garnished with fresh cilantro.

Oh how I remember the day back in high school when I counted up my credits and discovered I had enough to graduate at the end of the first semester! I joyfully made my way to the guidance counsellor’s office and explained my situation.  Being an outspoken student and a tad on the rowdy side, she promptly handed me the form needed to finish early.  That was it!  And I got to start working full-time.

This was a wonderful happenstance, for I needed to earn money for college, so off to work I went each day – a salad girl at Horn and Horn Cafeteria.  Clad in my white polyester uniform, I learned about shelling hardboiled eggs while they were still warm, how peeling a 50 pound bag of carrots was a two or three-person job, and how to make Kidney Bean Salad.

This recipe has been with me a long time, and it has resurfaced every now and then.  It is simple with only 4 ingredients and so satisfying.  I was excited to be able to make it for the blog!!  We had it with the diet cabbage soup.

Kidney Bean Salad

3 cups prepared kidney beans (I did mine in the crock pot, used half a 1 pound bag and froze the other half)

½ cup sweet relish (mine was homemade zucchini relish)

2 chopped hardboiled eggs

Mayonnaise to moisten and mix

Coming very soon: Vegetarian Chili del Pacifico


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