The Big Salad

I know many of you are or have been fans of Seinfeld.  Back when I watched a lot more TV, I watched those reruns before Jeopardy. I probably watched the show when it was in prime time, but that was a long time ago.


Anyhow, the show, which was sort of a show about nothing but a comedian and his friends living in NYC, became a birthing ground for pop culture references.  My personal term for a generic senior citizen community is Del Boca Vista, after the Florida-based neighborhood to which Jerry Seinfeld’s parents retired.  Terms like shrinkage, low-talker, and puffy shirt are part of our modern lexicon, as is the term Big Salad.

The phrase Big Salad was introduced by the character Elaine Bennis, the slick-dancing, Baltimore transplant who always finds herself (as all on Seinfeld do) on the tedious side of existence. The idea of a big salad is not novel.  It’s a salad that will fill you up, one that is a meal. Elaine, however, was the first to give it a name and to describe what salad lovers crave on a menu.

So last night was Ash Wednesday, and for the first evening of my Six Weeks Meat-free, I had a Big Salad, with some beets on the side and some cheese on top.  Mr. C. had some leftover bean soup with his big salad.  Then for dessert we had Stephanie W.’s homemade granola bars.

Peace, love, and salad. Make them green, make them yours, be creative but most important make them big!





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