Serendipity: Sweet Potato Chili

000_1454 (2)

Each fall I buy a box of swee’ ‘taters. This year I got them over in Marion. It was a mixed box of white fleshed and orange fleshed. These are the white.

So you might remember a month or so ago I cooked some kidney beans in the crock pot.  I used half for kidney bean salad, and froze the other half. Well I found them last week and found a recipe on A Year of Slow Cooking blog, Sweet Potato Chili.  If you click on the title of the recipe, it will take you to it.

I had all ingredients already for this chili, other than the smoked paprika and the smoked chili powder.  I used regular chili powder and regular paprika, and I am so proud that at the last minute I threw in a cinnamon stick.

This is so delicious and filling, and I had everything right here.  That’s the fun of Six Weeks Meat-free, trying new things.


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