Melange: Do it any way you wanna


Melange of turnip greens, onion, quinoa and plant meat, which is made in Asheville by No Evil Foods.

We started making melange when we had a garden. Each morning or evening we would collect the day’s bounty and saute it into a meal.  The vegetables might include squash, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, okra in any combination.  We could add a store-bought onion and what ever spices desired.  I keep a wide selection of them on hand.

Now for protein, when we were eating meat, we would serve it with chicken strips or shrimp. Meat-free options include tofu, tempeh, or any variety of plant meat or meat substitute. Melange is mixed with or served over grains, another mix and match option. Rice, quinoa, freekah, cous-cous (which is really not a grain, but more of a pasta) or any of the wonderful whole grain mixtures available.

The options are limitless.  Remember that old People’s Choice song from the ’70s??    Do It Any Way You Wanna.



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