Tempeh, it’s what’s for dinner


Tempeh burger with oven roasted root vegetables and vegetable trio.  See those sexy sprouts on the burger?  I bet you do!  

We just love veggie burgers.  Some are better than others and they vary in calories, fat grams, sodium and satiety.  The other day Mr. C. was feeling particularly jiggy, and he purchased some tempeh at the grocery store.  We were both proud and a tad perplexed.  What do we do now?

Well, I just cut that two-and-a-half-serving-sized piece of fermented soy and stuck it in some marinade (which pretty much means salad dressing around here) and cooked it up in a cast iron skillet. I think I cooked it in a little bit of oil, or maybe the residual sheen.  The second time I made this, I just put a little water in the skillet and steamed the marinated tempeh. Both times I served it up on a skinny bun. The result was a delicious, nutritious and filling veggie burger without a lot unknown additives.

If you are feeling inquisitive, click here to learn more about tempeh.

If you would like to see a clever and delightful ditty about a cast iron pan click here.






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