Six Weeks Meat-Free: The Denouement


As I start to write, the sun is just dipping below the mountain to the west.  It is not quite sunset, but it is very close to the end of the day.  And that, mon chere, brings us to our mot du jour.

I had the very best English teacher in high school, and while we were reading and discussing and learning about great American novels, we were introduced to the idea of denouement.  The word comes from a French word meaning untie. In a novel, it is the time after the climax and before the end.  Instead of untie, think of it as the tying up of story lines or a working out or understanding of outcome of characters or events.

With Easter Sunday 5 days away, I am in the denouement of my blog, or what I had intended the blog to be.

We have learned some things during our six weeks meat-free.  We don’t eat that much meat, but missed it for the variety.  We were a little surprised at how good we feel.  I did not gain weight, which I was afraid of with all the pasta and beans.  Blogging is consuming and takes time and attention.  Sort of like that mistress you acquired and are ready to part with, but need to keep around for reasons that you continue to ponder.

I am keeping the Six Weeks Meat-Free blog, and with the coming of spring can write about farm markets and road trips.  I have more recipes to share. If you are reading this, thank you.  Celebrate living.  Celebrate life!


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